Okami going flowly for new gaming PC
I just set up the emulator and got okami JPN version running.

I think my quad core CPU and HD GPU should meet spec requirements...
(this is the PC i bought: http://hothardware.com/News/iBuyPower-La...er-Direct/)

however, the game the game is going at 20fps and the GS stat on the top bar is 100%

I am not sure what i need to do to improve this experience or what other information would be helpful to solve this. thanks!

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that means your gpu were maxed out, if you need to upscale, don't set it too high like 4x to 6x....or better yet, use native resolution.. I couldn't open the link you posted so i might be wrong...
That link is showing me the amd FX 4100 if that's the case then the amd bulldozer has performance problems with pcsx2 (the cpu is a lot slower then it's predecessor) , the video card is sub par too with only 128bit bus

You could try enabling the mtvu speed hack, use the sse2 gsdx plugin, while it can use the sse4 plugin it will be slower on these processors., try to set gsdx to native mode.

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