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Okami graphic problems
I got some graphic problems with Okami, Its working quite well at the moment but sometime it still appear triangle glitches. Both my MicroVU are enable, but its still appear, and when i use the brush the speed decrease greatly.

Im using pcsx
Win7 X64
intel i7 Q720 1.6Ghz tubor 2.8Ghz
ATI Radeon HD4570

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Try the newest beta and the newest plugins, they will most likely give you more speed and improve the compatibility. Perhaps this fixes your problem. But as far as I know Okami is not working so great on current PCSX2 releases at all.
Rejoice, they say. Color is back.
thanks alot man, its working just fine, no more glinches!
Yep this was a SuperVU issue, it got fixed with the introduction of microVU.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
the glinches is disappear, however when i tried to use the brush, it felt down to 30 or 35 fps its quite hard to make a "good enough" brush. Could you guys show me how to config
its only working smooth if i choose native, but obviously the graphic is not as good as it can really get right
Then set a lower internal resolution until the game works at good speeds
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I set 800X600, if any lower it crash and the game is not respond. I have try to use all the GDSX 890, 1873 and 2404 and it seems that 890 has the best graphic however slow in some cases like brush and some speaking vdieo between characters. The other two is working just fine but the graphic is on a different lvl, just slightly different.
i figure it out that sometime its quite slow or may be suddently stop because i play dvd. I tried many time to create image with MagicISO but its not working properly, it only has half of the game image and the other half is amost black. Don know why? Do you guys know how to make ISO image from dvd to work perfectly?
Try using imgburn:
If that can't make an ISO of your game your disc is probably damaged...
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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