Okami missing shadows after Issun draws the bridge for him
I dont know why this is, but Okami always starts off flawless.  That is until you get to a broken bridge.  A cutscene will start and Issun will draw the bridge for you to cross.  After the cutscene of him drawing the bridge, your shadow just disappears.  I tried setting the blending unit from basic to high, nothing changes.

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Did you try any other options, like the "Preload Frame Data" HW hack?

And did this always happen or is this a regression?
Nope, preload frame data doesn't help. As far as a regression or not, I'm not sure as I used to play this game with SW mode exclusively until recently when OGL HW started getting more accurate. But the thing is, if I trigger this event in software mode, his shadow doesn't disappear, it's only in OGL HW mode that causes the shadow to disappear after this event.

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