Okami on beta 1888
Hi guys! I'm new to PCSX2, it's my first venture into PS2 emulation, and the progress here gave me goosebumps, I remember feeling the same way with ePSXe as it was slowly but surely making PSX playable, with enhancements to boot Smile

With that said, I downloaded myself the latest beta 1888 installer, and got right to work with Okami. It works fantastic on my Q6600 2.4Ghz and Geforce 9600, turned out some speedhacks and managed a consistent 55-60 fps on D3D11 Hardware at 1280x1024 internal res of 1900x1900. However, I noticed that 1) the brush doesn't seem to work correctly, as in the canvas doesn't change ino paper, and 2) there seems to be black triangles on distant polys.

I've searched around and this seems to be an unfixable problem as of now, yes? Or is there a beta version or quick fix floating around hat can fix this? Either way, thanks to the devs for making this possible, haven't played Okami in a while (ever since my PS2 broke down), and I'm excited to be playing it again.

PS: Okami is completely playable and finish-able even with the above bugs right?

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last I remember (and someone can correct this if it's changed) there was a patch put in GSDX to disable certain rendering aspects of the game because it would cause major slowdowns. but yes, it should work fine, even with these glitches
Polys in distance can be fixed by enabling microVU0 and microVU1 in Config->CPU. The other issue cannot be fixed, those effects have been removed intentionally since they make the game crawl at 5 fps in any system.
Yes the game is playable from start to finish, I finished it myself quite some time ago. But do keep in mind speed hacks could reduce the compatibility causing crashes and other unexpected behavior
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Wow cool, thanks for the microVU0 and micro VU1 tip, the graphics bugs are now minimal Smile It's completely playable for me now, hopefully I don't get any crashes (3 hours into the game and none thus far, and only very few FPS hiccups). I suppose I can live with the Celestial brush thing, I'd like to think of it as a quirk of the PC version of the game if there ever was one Laugh

Thanks again!
Funny, we have similar computer specs (except i'm a dual core 2.2) and 1888 made it run not only worse, but MUCH worse.
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