Okami pad switching
Okay so im playing Okami which utilises a game mechanic called the celestial brush, as can be seen here > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRHD15RVD8c
Now heres the thing i would love to use my mouse to move the brush around, that way making things feel more realistic but the same controls for moving the character up/down right/left are the same that are used for moving the brush. This makes it very awkward to make the character move forward because i have to keep moving my mouse forward, it would be much easier to use W A S D to contorl movements. What im asking is this , is there a way to make a hot-key that when pressed changes the control set so that i can use the mouse for the brush sequences and keyboard for moving around.
I would really appreciate a response Thanks.

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u can use them both.enable mouse in general tab of lilypad.
it's easy set movements to W,A,S,D whatevr u want & replace those keys with another keyboard keys or mouse !

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