Okami performance drop
Hey everyone.

I recently decided to play a bit of Okami, only to find out that the settings I had used before are no longer working.

Last time I had played I had been using x3 native resolution and had fxaa, fx shader and texture filtering all checked with no problems. However, now whenever I enter a cutscene or step in front of a stone mirror (to save) the framerate instantly drops from 60 to around 15-20!?

I have updated a number of things since I last played without any problems, such as updating windows and a number of driver updates. Obviously I tried reinstalling the drivers I remember updating, however the problem persists.

I found another guy who was experiencing something similar. I'm aware my issue could be completely unrelated but I thought it was worth a mention.

I have an m14x alienware laptop with a intel i7-2720QM cpu and 2 gpu's (an Intel hd graphics 3000 and Nvidia geforce GT 555m).

I've done the usual checks such as selecting the correct gpu for gaming, selecting maximum performance under power settings, virus scans, defragging and disc cleaning. Also all my temps check out and I've not had any other type of performance hit in any of my PC games.

I'm completely stumped! I have no idea what could be causing this! Everything was fine about a month ago!

As always any help would be extremely appreciated Smile
Thanks for reading.

PS After checking, I can confirm it is happening in all games during movies/cutscenes.

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Can no one help me with this? Its driving me crazy.
Clockspeed would be needed, also a laptop's CPU is always way slower then a desktops, make sure that you put the GT555m as your card in the GSDX config and Optimus, so atleast you get the most out of it. Furthermore I don't know much about that game if it's heavy or not, but overall the recommended CPU specs are a Quadcore of atleast 3 Ghz to run most games near flawless on native to higher x native.
Thanks for the reply

I think the only way this is gonna get sorted is by reinstalling windows. I found another guy who seems to have the same issue


He posted a video showing his CPU usage droping randomly. I to have the same symptoms.

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