Okami sluggish in big areas
System specs: Win Vista Ultimate 64-bit SP2, AMD Athlon II X4 640, 4 gb ram, Ati Radeon 5770

So I'm wondering if there's anything I can do about this problem.

Okami runs pretty smoothly considering it's emulated, but there are a lot of moments and they seem to be when your view distance opens up and you see really a huge amount of an explorable area, that the wolf just moves kind of in slow motion. With the framerate locked EE stays between 50-60, GS between 30-40. But when it hits these slowmo moments like looking at the huge tree in the first valley area, I think EE hops up to around 90 and GS gains a little, I'm not sure exactly the numbers fluctuate a lot.

I've tried all the speed hacks, and usually use EE 2 VU 1. I've tried different plugins, these are what I have on right now

[Image: okamiplugins.jpg]

but I pretty much get the same results no matter what I do... pretty fast game but with these slowdown moments that are annoying (fully playable though, but sometimes they last a long time so the game feels like molasses) The only other info I can think of is I use ISO mode to run it, and use a 360 wireless controller, and the emu version is 0.97. Any thoughts on anything I can do?

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it is because your cpu is to weak for that. try to oc it to 4ghz if you have the option or else you are stuck on this problem.

if you had an intel machine on the otherhand 3.4 ghz would be enough... but you dont have that now do you? xD
It's hardly "weak", but this emulator needs a ton of power plus bent towards Intel does hurt me, I'm sure. Anyone have other solutions... no I'm not buying a new computer to play PS2 when I can play new PC games on this fine.
then you should try to overclock the processor there is almost no other alternative.

and the emulator doesnt favours intel, intel just has the stronger processors. (amd is double pumped intel quad pumped, amd = 3 years same technologie intel renews the architechture etc etc)

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