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Old GSdx plugin
Problem is with some kind of blur or fog on the screen in game. Latest development build doesn't fix it. Like I wrote earlier, in another topic there was a guy who was able to fix it by playing with GSdx SVN r1076 plugin. And I'm trying to find out where and how I can download it.

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Tried pressing F9? Or going above native res?
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Yes, I tried and it fix it but I guess software mode almost always fix graphic bugs (but games in software mode are almost unplayable and graphic is also very weak). I'm just trying to find that Gsdx plugin because it fixes this kind of bugs.
Is there any way to get that plugin ?
completely ignored line Wrote:Or going above native res?
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I already play in 1920x1080 res. And I don't know why would that help, because mostly native resolution corrects errors.
Btw. I also tried scaling with no results.
Since it's a bloom(?) problem, I thought raising res would help.
Did you try skipdraw?
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where did you see you need this rev of gsdx ?
The thread you linked didn't mention it ? Blink
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Skipdraw also don't help.

On the bottom of this thread guy mention this rev.
I don't see it?
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Siklara mentioned GSdx SVN r1076 plugin.

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