Old Save States
I just upgraded to .9.8 and its a great improvement, but there are two problems:
First of all my memorycards have disappeared after installation.
Second, the savestates aren't compatible with the new pcsx2, is there any way to make the old savestate files work with the new pcsx2 or am I SOL?

Thank you

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about the savestates, I'm afraid you're screwed.

About the memcrads, just copy your old memcards in the new memcards folder and it should be detected by pcsx2
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When I said disappeared, I meant that they for some reason were deleted.
You know what, I will simply create a new memory card and use the save state to save and then use that memory card...
That is the only way to do it. Old savestates on old PCSX2 then make regular memory card saves.
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