Old comp. Conf for pcsx2.please help!
I have a old computer and i was wandering if i can play ps2 games on it on pcsx2.
Computer specifications:
CPU:AMD sempron +2600 1.7 ghz
GFX:NVidia 4TI Series 1.4 shader compatible
SND:realtek ac 97 hd audio
so please if you have any specific plugin conf. or pcsx 2 version post.i have another computer but i really want to run pcsx2 on the old one.any help will do

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No... not even remotely close. Many brand new PCs today still can't play the majority of PS2 games... One from nearly a decade ago sure as heck isnt' going to cut it.

Hell does the sempron 2600 even support SSE2? If not the emulator probably won't even start. I know the video card doesn't meet the minimum requirements for hardware acceleration (it's only a DX8 GPU, minimum for PCSX2 is DX9.0c and preferrably a DX10/11) so graphics would have to be run via software which would be even slower.
[Image: 2748844.png]
Good tnx koji for info.i tried it several minutes ago.
I used this plugins:
gsdx9 old version
peopsspu plugin (all on fast)
linuzaps dvd plugin (i think)
lilypad controller plugin
and pcsx v 9.0 (it has safe mode called non vm)
and game tekken 4
the result was 5.3 fps and in the cpu options i used EEOP Interpreter.
So that was a full no go!!anyway thanks man.i'll keep playing the games on my new comp. and ps2 Laugh

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