Older PCSX2 games
PCSX2 0.9.6 is the latest PCSX2 that i have got. But since my PC doesnt yet have that kind of high config (Quad Core, 2 GB RAM, nVidia GeForce 7050) so Smackdown vs Raw 2009 is a distant reality yet for my PC.

However, my question is that the games released in 2002 which are wee bit low on graphics, can they be still run without getting a 26 FPS ?

Wud my given system settings be able to accomodate earlier games ?

Wud i need an older bios to run them ? because PCSX2 0.9.6 is running slow, while 0.9.4 had a better performance.

Please guide. my aim is to play Smackdown Shut Your Mouth (2002)

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Use the latest beta (1888)

Configure the gsdx plugin to use dx9 software more and set software thread to 4. See if if you can run SyM well with that setup.
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Earlier games do not mean, necessarily, SIMPLER games. Indeed, many early games were very poorly optimized and can actually be slower while looking worse than later games. Coders get more efficient with game systems the longer they work on them.
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actually the game runs well at about 75% on my computer.

My comp has simular specifications to yours, it's 2ghz and has an average graphics card... heck it's even a Laptop!

here are my instructions.

Running Smackdown VS Raw 2009 on PCSX2 on an average computer:
Before starting the game:
on your graphics card settings make sure everything is set to prioritise performance instead of quality. This is really important.
Set window's colour scheme to "performance" based.
make sure your virtual memory is set to the reccomended setting.
you have to also set the priority of PCSX2 to High(or if you dare, Realtime but i'm a whimp).

Use the default graphics plug in(gsdx9) and do not use the DX9 software mode, this will actually make it worse(on my comp it refused to run). Use hardware mode with perferably no interlacing and the other options set to default. Im not sure if this had an effect on the game but I manually set the d3dinternal res to minimum and selected "Native".

In the CPU config:
Select "Limit" under frame limiting, as during the load scenes and menu scenes expect rather suprinsingly to get 200% percent speed(YEP! I GOT 200% after like you it was running at 20%! ***** that was a shock!)

once again I wasn't sure if this had an effect but I set the "skip frames when slower than:" to "9999", but as I said Ialso selected "limit frame rate" so I'm not sure doing that will have an effect.

on the left side of the box select everything except DO NOT SELECT "multi thread GS mode" as it will kill the game's speed. this I realised is the SECOND most important step in getting the game fairly playable funny enough. I know it said it will go faster but that's a lie unless you have duo... so make sure it's not selected.

skip down to "speed Hacks"

SELECT EVERYTHING including "2x cycle rate" and ignore the warning and set "VU Cycle stealing" to MAXIMUM(as the game is positivly affected by this and will speed up to super speed!). I have to note however you must reset the game for this to take effect, if you do this during the game and go back to it, you will think it ***** up... but you need to reset the game.

go to the "advanced" config screen and immediatly deselect both of the "Flush to Zero" boxes, make sure you leave the "denormal" boxes selected though. On both occurances of Round mode, and clamp mode select "nearest" and "none" respectivly.

if you want to you can give the game a minor but realtivly unnoticable speed increase by going to the sound config screen
(using the spu2-x plugin) and following it's instructions as to what will result in a faster game performance.

after all that, you should save the configs and enjoy the game. During any match it will run at an acceptable average speed of around 75% sometimes dropping to 60%(during special move scenes, the intro videos, etc) at other times it can even suprise you and reach 90% framerate. The most important thing however is that it will run perfectly, graphics and sound are perfectly emulated. only issue is the slightly slower speed(the video sometimes lags the sound effects during sections because of this) and crap controls of cause. I'd guess and say it would run nearly perfect on a 2.5ghz-3ghz machine. I still can't believe I got smackdown VS raw working on my PC, and then did even better and got it reasonably playable!
faraz i understand,you don't have a powerfully computer
but what are your computer specs?single core or dual core?
pcsx2 0.9.6 it's slowly,beta r1888 are more faster
and pcsx2 0.9.7 it's not complete and stable,but it's more more faster than r1888
(12-08-2009, 09:58 PM)demonikul Wrote: faraz i understand,you don't have a powerfully computer
but what are your computer specs?single core or dual core?
pcsx2 0.9.6 it's slowly,beta r1888 are more faster
and pcsx2 0.9.7 it's not complete and stable,but it's more more faster than r1888.

r1888 runs Smackdown VS Raw 2009 very well even on a 2ghz comp. The introduction of the new speed fixes give the game a significant boost. the main problem that I have with it is that the interlacing isn't that good at all and the screen shakes around alot if not set to the correct setting. I have to start a match and then press F5 until the screen stops shaking, which is a slight annoyance, but one that I can put up with.

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