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Ominiconvert with PCSX2 0.9.7 BETA
I'm sorry if this queastion has been asked before but how do you use Ominiconvert with PCSX2 0.9.7 BETA. I'm trying to use Action Replay MAX codes for MGS: Snake Eater. I've searched google to find out what to do but it only says how to do it on older versions.

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I have seen max codes posted here which really couldn't be decrypted by omniconvert. That seems to be a new encrypting method indeed, not supported by the utility yet. For these codes the hope being the author update it, sorry.
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I didn't mean about the codes working I mean't how do you use Ominiconvert wth the new beta version pcsx2. I'v seen posts about it on this forum but it's always been about the older version of pcsx2.
You mean how to use the pnach file I suppose, sorry for the confusion. it's the same as before, just they go in a folder named "cheats" now (the "patches" folder is being reserved for patches features), you may need to create this folder (it must be created in the same place the pcxs2.exe is), make sure to "Enable Cheats" in the GUI.

Actually you can "enable patches" too, albeit for another reason, it searches the Game Database and automatically applies the game fixes that specific game may need, if any.
Imagination is where we are truly real
How do you save it as a pnach file it only says you can save them as ".bin", ".cbc", ".p2m" or as a text file.
Too long answer and it's already covered in many threads, actually it's covered in the forums FAQ.

See, your question shows you didn't read the most basic instructions, none those formats are related at all with the issue.

Trying to help a bit more:
Imagination is where we are truly real

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