Omniconvert 1.0.3 not compitable w/ windows 10??
Hello everyone,

I'm trying to use cheats with pcsx2 1.4.0 and I know I have to download omniconvert 1.0.3 which I did. However, the Omniconvert file wouldn't even open. At first I thought the issue was that it wasn't in .exe format, so I changed the format to .exe but my computer says that the file cannot run on my PC (I'm running windows 10). Has anyone encountered this issue when trying to run cheats on pcsx2? Thanks.

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You probably got Omniconvert as a 7-Zip archive, which has a .7z extension. This is an archive format, not an executable binary, so renaming it to exe and trying to run it is essentially telling Windows "Hey, here's some garbage data, try and run this". You'll instead want to install an archive management software, such as 7-Zip, and extract the 7z archive's contents.

7-Zip's website:

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