On-Screen (HUD) Messages and other...
Hello, dear PCSX2 developers and sorry in advance, if these questions were ever touched somewhere (I'm new here)...

Is it possible to implement on-screen messages in fullscreen mode when we doing some actions via hotkeys (like saving games, changing render mode, etc.)? It's very uncomfortable to always do it blindly.

Another question:
As I know, the some PS2 consoles have native PS-One games support. So, why PCSX2 emu doesn't have this, and how much difficulty to write PS1 support?

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Im not sure how easy the first request will be as the GS plugin, i guess it could be written in if anybody feels up to it, as for stuff like changing/saving states, it could probably be blagged, but it might not be totally accurate (more when its which state is selected etc). I guess you could run the emulator in full screen windowed mode (maximized basically), then you can see most of the stuff along the time, it's pretty obvious usually when you are in software or hardware mode Tongue

As for PS1 support, this is primarily a PS2 emulator, for emulating PS2 games. I realize the PS2 "could" play PS1 games, but it seems a bit silly emulating an emulator, you may as well just use one of the many PS1 emulators already out there which work very well. For us to get it to work, there are things we need to implement and a lot of testing on how it works needs to be done.
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Thanks for answer!
I understand, how complexity may be writing correct HUD functions into the GS plugin (if I understand you correctly... sorry, my english is bad), but if in ZeroGS plugin it was already made, so why can't the same in D3D? Anyway, the 'native' emulator operations (not plugin specific) like savegames (especially selecting slots) or frameskipping, may be dumped on screen directly somehow, am I right? About maximized window mode - nevertheless, it's not the best way if you want to enjoy the game fully Smile

Also, I (and not only..) would be glad if the custom aspect ratios for fullscreen video modes were introduced in the next revisions.
If in windowed mode we may adjust ANY values, then in fullscreen - just got fixed 4:3, 16:9 and stretched/cropped image. Since the most people have 16:9 monitors, but the most games goes in 4:3, - the FULL stretching, cropping, or fit (with big black edges) may not suit properly: sometimes the compromisse stretching values (like 2:3, 14:9, etc.) may give a good result.

About PS1 emulation... I'm also understand. Just an idea of unifying two emulators came - because in fact (?), the current developments might be give the most better picture and optimization (which is still not perfect) on PS1 games work, than the other emulators which abandoned for now, mostly.

Sorry in advance, if I wrong in something...

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