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One way to avoid the "bleep" sounds in FF XII with SPU2Ghz PP
I am probably not the only one who is annoyed by these bleep sounds in FFXII using the SPU2Ghz sound plugin in PG.

Well of course I could use a different sound plugin but except for the bleep sounds the SPU2Ghz works best for FF XII. So at first I decided to play with the annoying sounds but then I found out that the bug only occurs on certain grounds. Like if you walk in water there is no problem.

So I came up with the idea that maybe if characters are in float state there shouldn't be a bleep sound as well. I loaded a later game save and used float and really the bleep sound was gone.

Now of course you get the float spell later in the game but with the following patch for the US version you can put your characters in permanent float state. Yes it's a cheat but heck the only advantage is that you are now immune to traps but it's better than these bleep sounds all the time. One thing though, the patch only applies to party members so if characters join as guests or supporters it won't affect them Sad.

Comment=Patchfile 0779FBDB.pnach
Gametitle=Final Fantasy XII [SLUS_209.63] (U)

//Codebreaker Mastercode

//Float state permanently enabled

You could manipulate the values at these adresses to give yourself more good states like Protes, Shell, Haste and so on. But this is not the issue here Wink.

Anyway it will remove the bleep sounds for most of the game except when guest characters join. But then at least only one character will generate this sound. There is a code to give any character in the game the float state but it uses adresses which starts with "4" and these don't work with PCSX2 Sad.

I attached my patch file which has some more patches Laugh.

Attached Files
.rar   0779FBDB.rar (Size: 819 bytes / Downloads: 466)

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Hey Jlagreen

Thanks for your post. I just have two questions.

1) I am a bit unsure as to how to patch my game. I tried looking for a solution this time through the forums but got stuck at the FAQ sections which simply states that patches aren't really in use anymore. I take it you have to add the relevant information in the .pnach file in the Patch I on the right track? Unsure

2) I use the European version of FFXII. I read somewhere that you can easily change this, but unfortunately I don't know how to do this either.

Sorry for being such a newbie Sad
1) That's true as by default patches are disabled so you have to enable them in Misc Options of the menu in PCSX2. Then you need to copy the right patch file in the "patches" directory of PCSX2 Playground. With right patch file I mean the name and as you have an EU version my file won't work for you.

So you need the CRC of the game. To find it just watch the console output when you start the game. Somewhere a 8-digit CRC is mentioned. Then you create a file with the name CRC.pnach (the US version has as you see the CRC = 0779FBDB).

2) I only own the US NTSC and German PAL version of this game. I don't think the code above will work with the EU version as the address for the status is different probably. Tell me your exact version (UK/DE/IT/F, etc.) and the SCES/SLES code. You can easily find it by opening the DVD and search for a file like SCES_xxx.xx or SLES_xxx.xx where the x are digits.
Then maybe I can browse the net and find the necessary codes and convert them to PCSX2 so it might work for you as well Smile.
I'll gladly take you up on your offer! Laugh

I believe this is what you are looking for:

CRC = 78DA0252
SLES = SLES_543.54

Since I live in South Africa and we import almost all our games, I am not really sure from which area in Europe...but I guess it is safe to assume that it would be the UK version. Tongue
Alright I might have found the right codes for you, first I found now the offset of the adress between US and German version and then I checked for difference between German and UK version.

So first here are the codes which work for German version (SLES_54356):
Comment=Patchfile DC2A467E.pnach
Gametitle=Final Fantasy XII [SLES_543.56] (DE)

//Codebreaker Mastercode

//Float state permanently enabled

I checked Vaan and the code worked for Vaan, so I guess it should work for the other characters as well. The offset between US and German version is "4100" in hex. Strangely for other cheats the offset is different but here it worked for me.

Some sources on the net claim that the German codes also work for UK version but I compared a little and found also a small offset between these versions. The offset is "8" in hex format, so you should add 8 to the addresses above.

So your patch file might like look like that:
Comment=Patchfile 78DA0252.pnach
Gametitle=Final Fantasy XII [SLES_543.54] (UK)

//Codebreaker Mastercode

//Float state permanently enabled

Create it and copy it into your Patches directory and try it out. Good luck!

I tried some other codes and it seems I was lucky with that one as other codes seem to be on different addresses in the european versions of FFXII.
Seems like it doesn't work just yet.

At first I tried to create a new patch from within PCSX2 Playground, but for some reason it doesn't work. Thus I created a text-file, copied and pasted your code into it and finally renamed it to "78DA0252.pnach"

When I go into the program, I check the Patch Browser. I couldn't find it by looking in the list of game titles, so I checked for it using the file name instead. I found it like that. I enabled patches started to load the game, but when I tried to load a saved game, the program crashes. Also, while looking at the console I noticed that it says "No patch found, continuing load game normally" or something like that.

Am I doing something wrong?
So first of all in PCSX2 Playground go to "Misc" and there make sure is a tick at "Enable Patches".

Then copy the "78DA0252.pnach" into your Patches subdirectory in the PCSX2 folder. To check if patches are enabled press ESC during game load and open the Patch browser in the Misc Options of PCSX2. If there are no entries then either the patch file wasn't found (wrong name or place) or Patches are not enabled (see above).

You could also add patches manually by using the Patch browser while the game is running but I don't suggest that as a false entry might kick you out of the game.
I don't think we need master code to cheat on PCSX2 do we?
no it's not necessary but I put it inside anyway Smile

Apologies for taking so long to respond. I accidentally ran out of cap a bit earlier than expected (the amount (in GB) of internet usage we are allowed per month) and as a result couldn't get back to you.

I tried it a couple of times again and although it shows up in the Patch Browser, it still crashes when I try to load a game. Thanks for all your help thus far, but I think that it is best to wait until maybe an updated version of the sound plugin is released before I try again. The fact is, I actually got used to the squeaky shoes! Horrible isn't it?

Still, I will try fiddling around here and there to see if I can solve the problem. The solution might be right under my nose. Tongue

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