[OnePad] Analog Inputs malfunction in some games (e.g. .hack//Infection)
Hi! I've been having some funny problems with OnePad. I've reported them over on GitHub, but I thought I should ping the forums too.

PCSX2 1.2.2 or latest git master
Arch Linux x86_64, kernel 3.16.1

Long story short, in one game, OnePad doesn't correctly report analog stick inputs to the game. It's not the controller (works perfectly with jstest, other native GNU/Linux games, and other emulators), and it works in other PS2 games (e.g. Ratchet and Clank), but not in .hack//Infection. It even does the same incorrect things when you bind keyboard keys to the PS2 analog sticks.

In my case, in this game, left and right on the Right Analog only work when there's a small amount of up or down to them (making camera rotation awkward), and for both sticks left and right sometimes report as up or down, causing awkward jerky movement occasionally.

I wonder if anyone else can reproduce this issue, in this or any other games? I don't recall encountering this problem when running PCSX2 1.0.0 over on my Windows box a year or two ago, but I can't reproduce as I no longer have that machine (and I can't seem to even get PCSX2 working in Wine, but let's not go into that as it's clearly offtopic).

EDIT: I posted this in the Linux section, but if it needs to go into the Plugins section instead, I would appreciate if a moderator simply moved it, if possible.
ThinkPad X270: i5-7300U | HD 630 | 32GB RAM | 960GB SSD
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Just wanted to ping this again, in case it happens to catch anyone else's interest.

Additional bit of info I never shared here, and recently re-clarified on the GitHub page: this is reproducible in this game even simply by binding keyboard keys to the four Left-Analog-Stick directions; up moves you up, left/down/right all move you down, and the diagonals somehow do work.
ThinkPad X270: i5-7300U | HD 630 | 32GB RAM | 960GB SSD
ThinkPad X395: R5 3500U | Vega 8 | 16GB RAM | 1TB SSD
I had compatiblility problems if joystick was installed from pacman while trying to use onepad. Wouldn't work right till I uninstalled joystick. Not sure if this helps. If you are using a ps2 controller then make sure analog light is on while setting controls. A screenshot of your current onepad settings may help too.
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It seems that gregory has found the problem!

The analogs run from 0 to 255 (obviously), and they had their middle/release state in onepad set to 128 when it should have actually been 127! I guess most games simply weren't sensitively coded enough for this to matter, but for .hack it was just enough to render the functionality crippled as I had previously described.

He submitted (along with other things) a patch to the onepad-input-state branch which should reach the next stable release, and also master at some point. I'm so excited!
ThinkPad X270: i5-7300U | HD 630 | 32GB RAM | 960GB SSD
ThinkPad X395: R5 3500U | Vega 8 | 16GB RAM | 1TB SSD
FYI, I pushed the fix in the master branch already. It was not related to the state machine of the branch. So you can enjoy it if you build latest master.
Hum, the problem for analog stick on Dot Hack always exists on last SVN. I have just tested with my gamepad Xbox 360.
Rumble works perfectly however. Smile

On Windows the problem exists also BUT with Lilypad plugin it is sufficient to configure analog sensitivity on 1.458 (Default is 1.000), OnePad doesn't have this option.

Linux Mint 18 Mate
Gamepad works perfectly on native games and other games on PCSX2.

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