[OnePad] PCSX2 1.5 doesn't properly detect xb360 controller
Hello, this is my first post on the forums. So here's the thing. I have Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 installed, and an XBOX 360 wireless controller. I use the xboxdrv driver, and everything seems to work as it should (the OS and other software detects controller input). I use PCSX2 1.5, the daily version. The thing is, it detects the gamepad, as when I go to the Gamepad configuration button, it's listed. So, what could be the problem here?

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Try using the OnePAD 1.3.0 (libonepad-legacy) and see if that fixes your problem. I have a 3rd-party XB360 controller that won't get recognized in OnePAD 2.0.0 but works perfectly in 1.3.0. Weird stuff.
I couldn't get it to reconfigure the buttons, but it just works with OnePAD 2.0.0. (Kubuntu 18.04 and wireless x360 controller)

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