OnePad doesn't differentiate analog sticks
Hi, I bought an Xbox pad for PC (USB)

First probem first:
When I press certain buttons (like up down left right, even when not in PCSX2, my system gives me a sound.
I checked all keyboard combinations, there aren't any. I'm using Gnome 2 / Cinnamon.
2nd Problem:
dmesg gives me
[ 1881.225092] input: Microsoft X-Box 360 pad as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.0/usb2/2-1/2-1.7/2-1.7:1.0/input/input20

as driver.
I tested it with cat /dev/input/js1 and the input of the analog sticks is definitely different when fully pulled in the corresponding directions.

Also evtest gave me different codes.
In other applications, it works perfectly.

What could be the problem? A bug in the plugin maybe?
Seems kind of weird.
I have no buttons to change the mode from analog to digital or similar like on PS2-style pads on PC.

This pad would be perfect and I don't want to change back to my older pad.

Thank you very much for any support.

€dit: I have to correct myself.
But in the game it doesn't work, strangely.
When playing, I can't use it at all.
It's not a OnePad problem, I think. I'm using PCSX 1.0.0 btw.

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