Onepad refusing to work [Linux]
Hi all,

After further investigation I discovered: . Not sure whether that will help but it does mean, I need the 'non-legacy' version ._.

Running on PCSX2 1.4 (Stable)
Using Manjaro (Kernel 4.20)

Tried (as per PCSX2 build instructions)
PCSX2 1.5 - Failed to compile (Git)
PCSX2-git 1.5 - Failed to compile (AUR)
PCSX2-1.2.2 (stable) - failed to run due to missing libraries (that I can no longer find).
Lilypad - Doesn't work at all (can't configure)
Pokopom - Doesn't work (even after building the .so file myself) and instead slows down the emulation. (Can't configure).
The USB/Pressure hacks - No difference.

Tested the controller in PC Games and other emulators, works just fine.

Search for other plugins but could not find a suitable one.

I start the game and get the initial language select screen and and the x button doesn't respond.
I configure the pad but it doesn't accept up or down for the right analog stick or the L2 button (which onepad recognizes as an axis though not the same for R2).
In addition, for some reason Onepad drops its recognition of buttons and stuff from 17 to 8 almost near randomly. (I haven't found a trigger).

Unable to play games.
Halp! Could someone pass me a new version of the plugin (I hear there is an automatic-config one floating around, I just can't seem to find it) or point me to a pad plugin that works with linux?
Of if you really wanna help, we can diagnose this stuff and figure out what the hell is going wrong.

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