Onimusha 2 [PAL] problem
Whenever I'm in game, I don't see any characters just the prerenderd backgrounds.

I'm usining the official release client of pp.
I tried it with the latest beta but it does the same thing.

No speed hacks.
All cpu options on.

Flush to zero
Denormals are zero

Flush to zero
Denormals are zero

Anyone know of a workaround?

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try disabling Flush to zero or/and Denormals are zero of VU options, on some games like Dynasty warriors 5 it makes things disappear.
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I have the same problem with WARLORDS Onimusha 2 and Onimusha.

I don't see character and changing the configuration of the emulator can't be see a small part of the character (on the first game) but we do not really see.

Does someone know something about the problem or a specific version of a plug-in or other work which these games.
Try GSDX in DX10 Mode and GSDX in Software Mode.
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Thank you its software mode works against it by a bit slower.

How is the fact that its not working in hardware mode ?
You can use zerogs, it also works...
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Yes it's work too but the personage undergoes the lag of the interlacing and is not very nice, anti aliansing breaks background.

Is the party of code with the software mode runs the games will be properly focused in hardware mode?
Try the latest GSdx...works even in hardware mode for me.

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