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Onimusha 2 Problem, for those who have completed the game
When Jubei and Oyu are in the room when the alarm is going off just after you see the boat go off with that evil dude.
There is a door you must open by rotating both analog sticks simaltaneously. I use an xbox controller and i have set up the controls but for some reason only the right handle will rotate.
If i try to rotate the left handle using the left stick nothing happens.

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Ah i think i know what the problem is, under the pad controls the RIGHT analog stick has controlls for X AND Y ROTATION.
The left analog stick only comes up with x-axis and y-axis basically for some reason this lillypad will not allow my left analog stick to rotate only go up, down, left and right
Atleast so i think..
Fixed ---- Disable direct input

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