Onimusha 2 - Samurais Destiny Help
ItsĀ been a few years since ive been on here, and im trying to use codes for Onimusha 2. I have heavily restricted access to internet anymore and was wondering if someone could help me with codes for the USA version of the game. Only ones i seem to find are not for this version. My game is as follows: Onimusha 2 - Samurais Destiny - SLUS 20393 1.3. I already have the pnach created, but the codes ive tried dont work. I also dont have access to omni, so i cant just DL from gamefaqs and convert. Any and all help is appreciated, as i played up to the first jujudorma encounter, and accidently hit save state instead of load state, so im starting over and pretty much just want infinite enhancement. BUt other codes would be cool too. Again, any help is appreciated, truly it is.

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If you run the game and check in the console log, look for CRC=0xABCDEF11 < example. And go to: https://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Post-you...tches-here and type in the lower right corner of that page the ABCDEF11 and see if someone posted already some cheatcodes Smile
Can't lift the gate in the allotted time. Is some trick to do it May be you have save right after...for emu PCSX2 1.6.0?

Tried a lot but it looks almost impossibe. I've even bought a pad special for this game. If you can help me with some advise or, even better, you can send me save files...I would be very grateful
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