Onimusha 2 - Samurais Destiny Help!!!!!!!!!!!!
i just can't lift the gate in the allotted time. Is there some trick to do it? May be you have save file or quicksave right after...for emu PCSX2 1.6.0?

Tried a lot but it looks almost impossibe. I've even bought a pad special for this game and reduced the framerate . If you can send me save file right after or, even better QUICKSAVE from sstates folder, ...I would be very grateful

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which gate ?
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I think it's this:

Save your progress and investigate the ship. Watch the movie sequence,
then you will be thrown into a "test," of sorts. You must turn both L3
and R3 in opposite directions at the same time to lift the gate without
it getting jammed. Watch the movie sequence afterwards... We're getting
close to the end, but you could probably tell with all of these movie
Head forwards and talk to Oyu. Afterwards, use the Orb Gogandantess gave
to you in the hole the white statue to the right has. This will earn you
a cutscene. After it is done, you'll be near a save statue. Save up and
then examine the strange machine in the room. After it, you will have to
do a small minigame. Basically, rotate the left analog stick to the left
and the right one to the right. You must perform this task really fast,
otherwise the "You Died" screen will appear. Once you get it done, watch
the FMV.
Hi there! I saw you quoted my post about this very same issue so here's what I did to resolve it.
I'm assuming you're using a gamepad with 2 analog sticks for this, but the issue is that we normally map the analog sticks to directional buttons rather than the axis.

In PCSX2, go to Config -> Controllers -> Plugin settings (it should be Lilypad)
Click on the analog stick directions (Up, Down, Left, Right) and move your analog stick to map it correctly. You should see the controls come up as "Left Thumb X +", "Left Thumb X -", "Left Thumb Y +", "Left Thumb Y -" or other axis movement and rotation depending on what controller you are using. Once both sticks are mapped, you should be able to open the gate with ease.

Reference to mapping controls can be found here if what I wrote isn't super clear.
https://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-PS2-usb-...map-issues - look at the last post by "programmydude" for the example.

Let me know if you need any more help.

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