Onimusha Blade Warriors
Hey guys does anyone know what's wrong with Onimusha Blade Warriors? I cannot boot up the game at all (there is a black screen). I'm using PCSX2 svn r5187 and I have i7-2630qm 2.0GHz and nvidia GeForce GT540M. Thanks in advance.

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Have you tried with the last stable PCSX2 build (0.9.8)...?
Yup I tried, it remains a black screen and doesn't boot up at all.
It got broken somewhere along the way, 0.9.6 surely works with it, maybe try some 0.9.7 revisions too
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Ah but the game will run much slower right? Guess I will wait for the fix then. Anyways, thank you for your help.
Hey thank you very very much to the PCSX2 devs (especially refraction) for making this game playable! Laugh
Which version are you using? I still cant get it to boot lol
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I'm using r5222, i think you have to just press the cross button some times to get pass the initial save data screen as it is mysteriously not showing up but remaining as a black screen. If you maximize the window and press the maximize button to make it small again you can see a flicker of that screen which isn't shown. After you get pass that screen everything works fine. Hope I explained clearly lols.
yeh i found that out after i posted Tongue Well done Smile
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