Onimusha Dawn of Dreams
OK OK.. first Ive got to say WTH!!!.... the new beta of PG has caught me totally OFF GUARD!!...

before you guys think of things wild let me tell you guys what happened.
I just tried out Dawn of dreams just now and I was running about 30-50 FPS with some sudden fps drops. (for me its playable since.. i really want the game) so.. there was a point in the game wher there was this BIIIIG FPS drop in an area... which leaves my FPS to 20 or 19. so i was thinking "just bear with it, it will eventually go away when the area is over" so i took a little break and looked up the betas and i saw the new beta 636.. followed the memcard protocols and tried what VU skip can help with the fps.. to my suprise the previous 19-20 FPS went TOTALLY UP! to 55-60! so i was like.. "WTF is this VU SKIP?" then i tried putting the VU skip down just to test.. but to my suprise IT WAS THE STILL THE SAME THING.

Im really reallly reallly greatful for the team!!! Thanks guys!!

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If you 'put the vuskip down' via F4,it is because of a bug which doesn't turn it off,so you are still using VUskip Tongue
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no didnt lol
.. i didnt even know you can do that by f4

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