Onimusha Dawn of Dreams coop controller issues

I recently started trying to play Onimusha Dawn of Dreams with my brother over Parsec. Whenever we try to play the second controller through PCSX2 won't register his inputs. I'm using the nightly version v1.7.3264 because of the graphic issues being fixed. However, even when I swap over to the stable version of PCSX2 1.6.0 it won't register the second controller. I was able to keep swapping the inputs around and after an hour of constantly doing it I was able to get both controllers to work. Unfortunately, when I close the emulator and try again a different day the same issue occurs. I'm unable to replicate it easily as it required me just doing it for an hour constantly to get it to work. I wanted to make sure it wasn't just a Parsec thing and plugged in a second controller myself and it still won't work. I've uninstalled the controller drivers and that didn't help. It baffles me because I can get both controllers to work on other games like Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks immediately but if I swap to Onimusha they won't work. Yes the cheat code for two player is active because we've already played together a couple times. I don't have a lot of time to mess with it to get the controllers to work since he's on a time frame when he plays. If anyone can help figure out a solution to this problem that would be fantastic. Thanks.

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