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Recently, Me and a Friend found out we can play Online with Pcsx2. So we setup our emulators and we got our ISO to play the game. (Dynasty Warriors 4). We connect to each other and start to load up the game. We select our characters, so on, so forth. When we got our mission and it started to load, it crashed. Every attempt to get past the loading screen for a mission, it crashes. Is there something we need to play Co-op games fully with each other, or at least to play the "actual" dynasty warriors game with each other?

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I don't think online servers are still available for Dynasty Warriors IV.
Best is to play with your friend on the same PC using local Co-Op (IIRC, there is one in DW4 ?)
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DW4 only had sp and local multiplayer/co-op.Yeah i agree with jesalvein, its better just to play together on the same pc
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