Online Video Interrupted by PCSX2
When I try to run any web application that includes video, for example YouTube, Netflix, etc, while also running PCSX2, the web app will stop video and audio playback. In some cases, if I refresh the page while PCSX2 is already running, the video will continue, but the audio will stop. I should mention that in all cases, PCSX2 runs perfectly throughout. Additionally, this behaviour occurs whether PCSX2 is already running, started after the web app, or paused and resumed while the web app is running properly.

I'm using a two monitor setup. Primary monitor, running from my GTX 950, has PCSX2 on it. Secondary monitor, running web app, is hooked directly into the motherboard. I'm running PCSX2 1.4.0, and my drivers are up to date.

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This is probably because PCSX2 use the same API as your program.
Does this mean there's nothing to be done about it, or can you suggest some kind of workaround?

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