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Online multiplayer
I know some games support online multiplayer; this is dealt with a plugin.

But what about games that don't support online multiplayer? you could have something that syncs the games together but they tend to desync and you end up losing connection. I believe i may have a solution to this.

Because of sync issues it is too hard to render the ps2 on both computers. What if instead of syncing the systems, player 1 (the host) can run the game and stream the video output to player 2 whose key inputs are transmitted back to player 1 (the host) and are treated as the controls for player 2.

This would bypass the need for syncing and avoid desyncing.

I have included a picture to give a visual idea of what i am talking about.

[Image: pcsx2-10.jpg]

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it's an interesting concept, how do you plan to keep video synced while streamed?
There should be no need for syncing video, it would just be one transfer of video from player 1 (host) to player 2.
Player 1 would only receive inputs from player 2 and not video.

These inputs are processed by host as if they weren't coming from a different location.
Player 2 constantly receives the same video that the host can see (i.e. no syncing).

Syncing is where both systems render the same thing at the same time, in this setup, only the host is rendering and player 2 is just receiving the video of that rendering.
Can anyone see any major problems with this idea?

Also, who do you know is a good plugin creator that i can approach that may be interested in developing this?
first off, it would HAVE to be synced in some way. video would have to sync, or player 1 would see something completely different from player 2. and split seconds can make LOADS of difference.

also, why not try coding it yourself?
someone hasnt updated their pcsx2... (9.2! D: )

all joking aside there is only one emu that can do this somewhat correct and that is demume i believe. (but not for non online games i belive that would be way to difficult to code for)
Ancient Idea. Been there done that.

lestralen something like this i wanted to ask.
Is not possible to have online games on pcsx2?
FOr example i want to play Dragon ball z with some friends..Me home,he home.

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