Online play - Fps problem

first of all thanx for who develop this great emulator.

i found this emu 2 days ago and it really works well with mortal kombat armageddon.

my cpu i7 860 gpu hd5850 and win7 64.

today i tried to play online and i succeeded but it was really hard to find ethernet plugin Smile . firstly i installed winpcap secondly configured network settings with network access disc and patched the iso file with dnas id then i started pcsx2 and tried to enter mk online yes it worked Smile i logged in to a game lobby and choosed a buddy to play game. we choosed characters and game started i was playing online mk armageddon with pcsx2 it was magnificent Smile

but! it was very laggy and fps was very low Sad when i play single game fps is between 70-150 but when online game play fps is between 20-30.

plugin settings:

gsdx 0.1.16 sse41: direct3d10 hardware, internal res 1920 1080, exp hw aa 16, texfilt on, alpha hack, offset hack.

dev9 driver: pcap bridge

other settings are default.

can you help me to solve low fps problem on online game play?

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dude, experimental aa will murder your graphics card, beyond 2 shouldnt be used if you can help it! especially with a 1080p resolution!
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thanks for alerting me to possible gpu destruction.


i am waiting your help
erm i think ref actually means it will run really slow with it - rather than it will kill it.
The dev9 plugin could be slowing it down that much. Depends on what exactly it does.
I never used it, so I wouldn't know :/
Online play requires really fast net connection. Most of the online games slow down when either of the two connected parties got a slow connection.
Wow, that's awesome. when I was playing phantasy star universe I was waiting for the ethernet plugin to come out, but when it did psu online decided to close its servers to ps2... from then I didn't even try to setup for online play. Nice to know you can still play online with some games on ps2 ;D

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