Only Player 2 camera in DBZ Sparking Meteor
In the newer GIT builds of PCSX2, this happens when I play DBZ: Sparking Meteor:

This happens both in 2 player mode and single player, where the camera just goes over the opponent instead to the player 1.
I have to say that the iso I'm using is a little bit modded, but I just replaced some of the audio and the in-game text (with the Italian translation), the modded game used to work fine in older releases (can't remember exactly which ones, considering the fact I don't upload git builds frequently).

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* Not a bug report, moved to General Discussion and Support.

It could be that the newer builds are affected by your changes, where those area's weren't touched by older builds.
Try playing the game from the original DVD, then you'll be sure it's not your modifications causing the issues.

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