Only the first Devil May Cry is slow... Why?
I have been using PCSX2 for awhile. I played through Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, Final Fantasy 10 and 12, Persona 3 and 4, SMT: Nocturne, GrimGrimoire, Rogue Galaxy, Shadow of the Colossus, Onimusha Dawn of Dreams even Devil May Cry 3 and I have played all of these games on X3 or X4 resolution with no real issues on slow down on any of them.

Now I am trying to play the first DMC (which from what I have read should be playable on a wooden PC) on native resolution and it has speed problems all over. The first boss is slow motion all the time. I have fiddled with all kinds of settings and see no difference.

Anyone know what's up with that? Anyone seen the same problem?
I have seen posts on the forum with people using much weaker machines than mine running DMC1 fine. It doesn't seem to be system slowness because I can exit DMC1 running slow and immediately startup DMC 3 in X3 res and run it perfectly.

Windows 7 64-bit
AMD Phenom II x4 965 3.4 GHz
ATI Radeon HD 5770

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Which version of PCSX2 do you use?? Always make sure that you use the latest version (SVN) which you can get from here: and also which settings besides the default ones are you using for DMC 1.
Thanks for for the reply.
I was just using the package from the PCSX2 website, the latest one. I looked at your list and I will try the newest of those right now.

Also, I forgot to mention, I tried DMC1 on my laptop which handles most of the PCSX2 games I have tried on it (only had the laptop 2 weeks) with X3 or X4 res no prob with KH2, Rogue Galaxy annd DMC 3 but then has the same slowness problem with DMC 1.

It has an i7-Q740, Mobility Radeon 5730 and 6 GB RAM.
Sorry, I forgot to post what I had tried. I tried all of the quick settings from Safest to Extremely aggressive and tried turning clamping to none and tried various combos of settings on the speed hacks slider bar.
are you running off an iso?
Well, I tried the various quick settings (1 safest, 6 extreme, and everything in between) under r5517 with native resolution and it was still just as slow. I just don't get it.

Yeah, an ISO off solid state drives. I tried re-ripping the image from my disc again earlier, maybe I should try an image from elsewhere... Good thought. I should have thought of that.
let us know how it goes. i was actually thinking of playing all the devil may crys b4 i picked up DmC
(01-18-2013, 05:23 AM)raru187 Wrote: let us know how it goes. i was actually thinking of playing all the devil may crys b4 i picked up DmC

Thanks, I will let you know.

That was my plan too, replay the old DMCs before the new one.
tactical do try the MTVU hack cause if not mistaken your i7-Q940 is a Quad Core, where you should get a slight improvement with speed.
The 740QM is the Nahalem mobile i7 clocked at 1.73 Ghz. For your interest, this model is out around 2010.

Except for some very lightweight games, that machine can hardly run any PS2 games on PCSX2. You just got an ancient laptop 2 weeks ago. Sorry for that.

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