Open GL Crash [SOLVED]
Hello guys, is me again,.........nevermind XD.

There is something that is happening in the last to builds of this emultor that are bothering me.

When selecting the open GL plugin and loadign a game, the emulator crashes imediatly, and there is no log posible because windows crash warning comes into hand.

Here i upload the screenshots of the plugins being used and the confoguration of the open gl render, since there is no way for me to save logs.

Rare cases, for me, because, DX 9 and 11 are working fine with games (escept for missing graphics on Devil May Cry 3 Se), but open GL simple makes crash to desktop.

i thinks this is one of those cases that only hapend to one person, since, i have quite a unusual configuration, so, if you can help me to solve this mistery........thank you.

My pc specs are

AMD phenom 2 X2 unlocked to X4 B65 at 3.4 ghz
Geforce GT 545 1.5 Gig ram
6 gig of ram DDR3 an 1333 mhz

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What does it mean there is no log? Please look into the logs folder in your program dir.

Possibly an OGL 4.3 (or higher) extension is holding you back. You should try to disable accurate date and hardware depth.
From your thread in the bug reports section you're using PCSX2 1.3.1-20151018023858 (v1.3.1-1274-g42a4c7d). OpenGL was broken in that build. Use v1.3.1-1276-gd5e0899 or later, where the issue is fixed.
Ok, didn´t know that one specific version could be broken at some point. ok, for now, i can say that this case can be close................THANK YOU turtleli, your advice was really helpfull.

And willkuer, with that version specific, the log is not generated when the graphic plugin crashed, it's strange but that is what happened.

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