Open Gl in pcsx2, possible?
There is any hope for a Open Gl plugin for pcsx2?
is it possible to implement that?

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they're workign on it, don't worry
(03-16-2009, 09:01 PM)Saiki Wrote: they're workign on it, don't worry

WoW, didn't know that Smile

any news about it? could be faster than Direct X?
im only asking, because the Open Gl plugin on dolphi is so much faster and without glitches / graphic erros than the DX Plugin.

I know that dolphin/GC is a different system, but im just using this as an example Smile

ogl plugins, right now, are really bad. (sorry devs, but they are right now)
I have seen some improvement, but it takes time. for now, DX is the best way to go, fastest, and most reliable.
Just posting to specify, that plugin is the work of an independent coder. We are grateful for any hep of course.

But the pcsx2 team itself is not currently working on any opengl plugin
yea, I think my post came out wrong in the end.. dev simply being a developer, I was not talkign about the pcsx2 team. sorry if that confused anyone. and thanks for pointing that out if it infact did.

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