OpenGL vs DirectX
Looking at the google code page I see lots of recent OGL commits but since I don't use Linux I'm not sure what that's all about. Is it faster, slower, more accurate..?

Oh yeah and why not call it gsgl or something? Is it simply a port of gsdx?

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Its an alternative. I think the trade off is a bit of speed for accuracy. However they arent so different these days.
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It a port to gsdx, not a fork. The idea is to only replace the GPU submission command.

I don't have any goals on speed/accuraccy, make it work would already be a nice goal Tongue2 Then we will able to see what we can get from opengl but don't expect too much as Refraction said GL and DX are very similar.

So goal number 1 is to learn opengl, goal number 2 is to run gsdx on linux Smile

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