Opening PCXS2
Hello all, I posted a little while earlier, but unbeknownst to me, a youtube link explaining where I got the package was deemed offensive. So! Here's the issue minus the offending material.

I cannot seem to open the pcxs2. I've tried simply double-clicking it, opening it from applications, etc. all of which make it appear on my dock for all of two seconds before it closes again. From what I've read online, my mac's terminal/x11/xquartz (all of which I have legally) aren't recognizing the app, or are having communication problems. Anyone know what might be the issue? Thanks so much!

also, I'm running a brand spanking new macbook pro, so it shouldn't be a processing problem.

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You downloaded the package you linked to which comes with the illegal BIOS and isn't supported in this forums, you should have gotten the supported MAC PCSX2 files and gotten your BIOS from your PS2.

Also this isn't the MAC section.
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