Optimal settings for low end pc
So, long story short, in 2 days I am without any internet and my PC for 2 weeks, so I wanted to ask you if my laptop could run PCSX2 on lower settings.

i3 2310M; 2.1 Ghz
Nvidia Geforce 315M (512mb)

I mainly wanted to play some Tekken 5 and NfS Underground 2 so are there any configuration tutorials on those for low end PCs?

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Forgot abt nfs ug ..its nt fully work with pcsx2 yet and abt tekken 5 maybe run at resonable speed in ur laptop..and abt tutorial there are also an official video for configure pcsx2. And saiki sir was wrote an article or thread abt below 2.4 ghz processor so u take a look on that.
(06-25-2013, 12:50 PM)Sakillua Wrote: (...)
Nvidia Geforce 315M

Quoted a reason why you should forget about pcsx2 on that laptop;p.

It'll probably not run any game even at native, at best maybe Monster Hunter or some light 2D titles, I think even the integrated intel HD is more powerfull from that nvidia. >.> You'll probably get better results using software rendering, but still you have just 2 cores and low clocks, it might be more irritating than it's worth.

If you're soo desperate better grab yourself some PSX emulator for that, at least if you have any PSOne games. Similar quality, but better speed;p.
*points to sig* guide there
if your going to try to run it use razer game booster it will help with allowing your i3 processor to clear up all background programs and just run pcsx2

hope this helped Smile
Gamebooster cant affact thire pcsx2 performance...
yes gamebooster can help for ending background processors
but it'll not help if u'r hardware is actually low
yes it can make u'r processor to only aim at pcsx2
but that graphic card is u'r problem
u can run it in native & it'll be slow for u,but somehow will be playable !!

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