Optimal settings graphics wise? Getting a lot of jagged/blur effects
So I need some advice for graphics settings. Is it supposed to be this blurry or jagged (I don't know what else to call it) because I certainly don't remember PS2 looking like this. What is the best settings to fix this? I didn't just notice it in this game. Marvel VS Capcom 2 looks weird. Like the sprites and text aren't as smooth as they could be. System specs are: windows 10 64 bit. 16gb of ram. Quadro K600. Intel Xeon CPU E3-1271 v3 @ 3.60 GHz. I haven't touched any settings. It's on preset 2 "Safe". Changing internal resolution from default PS2 causes weird vertical "lines" to appear in certain games (like the characters in MVC2.) Using version v1.5.0-dev-3144-ga3bf45ecd.

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Yes, these are 2D sprites and they do not upscale like 3D geometry does. Once you throw these on to an upscaled screen like this, you will notice all the pixelation from the original resolution. Best you can do here is make sure Texture Filtering is on Bilinear (PS2) and consider enabling FXAA.

Edit: I made a giant assumption that you are also already running on Native resolution. Using anything higher than native will only amplify the pixelation.
Part of the blurriness is an artifact of the games originally being designed for a CRT tv. The way the sprites are upscalled can cause these issues, the way the interlaced images need to be recombined for a non interlaced display can cause these issues, and there is also probably some "rose tinted glasses" effect unless you have recently played your PS2 on original hardware.

There are lots of settings in the graphics plugin for PCSX2 to make the game look different, but software mode with no enhancements is actually pretty accurate to how the hardware looks on a LCD\plasma\oled\ect TV if you hook up your physical console to it. There may be some differences with how your TV's manufacturer deinterlaces compared to the different choices you have in PCSX2, but it is pretty close.

As for making it look nicer (or how you might remember it...) internal resolution does not really help 2d games in the same way it works with 3d ones. Something like MSAA or FXAA or a shader might serve you better in a 2d game and not have the same issues with gaps between the sprites (though I think the wild arms offset hack migh help if you are using a higher internal res and get gaps). There are some other hacks that might help certain games and the pcsx2 wiki is a decent reasource to see what others have found for a particular game. Other games might need different settings to look nicer, but it really can be a game by game kind of thing. There are some frontends you can use to load per-game settings once you have set them up how you like though.
Try F5! I hope it helps! Smile

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