Optimizing Tekken 5 for speed
Hello everyone!

I managed to get Tekken 5 to run on my computer (thank you search function!), but I did notice that it was a little slow during gameplay.

If I understand correctly, PCSX2 required a processor to be powerful and not the graphics card, so my proc info is below:
Intel 2 Quad core Q6600 2.4GHz

(By the way, PCSX2 does not support multi-threading, no?)

So, I would like to ask about what can be done to speed up the game so it is playable.

At the moment, I have used the Beta version, which I believe was recommended to speed up games. However, I'm not sure which plugin would be best (I think someone had recommended that I enable frame-skipping, but I can't see the option there. Which plugin has that feature?).

Short of overclocking my CPU (which I'd like to avoid), what other 'tweaks' can be done in order the speed up the game?


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You need more raw speed. At least 3.0Ghz even in Quadcore, also a good video card, Geforce 9600GT should be enough to get full speed Smile. Tekken 4 - 5 are pretty demanding Sad
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I got the graphics card capability Smile

Full specs below:
Intel 2 Quad core 2.4GHz
Windows Vista 640bit because...
Nvidia eGeforce 9600GT KO superclocked graphics card (512MB dedicated)

Now, I believe my limiting factor is the quad core, since PCSX2 does not take advantage of more than two cores. So I was hoping a I could disable some of the features that slow down the game.

Also (this is a bit of a side question), I noticed that the menu in the Practice mode of Tekken does not display at all (the game pauses, and it seems that the menu is there, but can't be seen). Any ways of fixing it?

Thanks again for your prompt reply.
You can try setting the "VU cycle stealing" speedhack to the max as this game gets a big boost from it.
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