Optimizing settings for Dark Cloud 2/Okami
Windows 7 home premium 64
AMD phenom II x4 955 BE @ 3.8
4GB 1333 DDR3 RAM
XFX HD4670

All settings stock, native resolution and fullscreen

Despite the overclock I am still getting a lot of slowdown in both Dark Cloud 2 and Okami, once the EE gets to 100% the fps drops to 45ish most of the time, usually in big areas or while a lot of moving objects/effects are onscreen. While still playable, it's rather odd since I'm not even using scaling or AA. I would like to, since native just looks pretty bad on a 24" monitor. What could I do to the settings to make the games both look better and run more stable?

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for the speed part in the 2 first tabs in emulation settings try setting it to supervu and putting both clamps to NONE, then go to speedhacks and try them 1 by 1 (at the slow scene) to find what combination is the best for you in fps and real game speed (some speedhacks tend to report fake fps), also you can set it again to microvu and look if the 2 speedhacks (for the microvu only) are faster than using supervu.

after you make a good stable speed you can try using the scaler in gsdx to make the picture better (if it slows it down you are stuck with native)
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Tried supervu and clamp none but it doesn't make all that much of a difference, going to try speedhacks in a bit. I just find it odd that when I look at some different threads, people with lower clocks than me seem to be getting about the same FPS. Maybe it's just that these 2 games are graphically very intensive? I guess I should try some different games and see what speeds I get with those. Thanks for the help.

With the speedhacks I can get a stable 60 fps on native nearly all the time, but trying to make the image better through scaling and whatnot still drops the fps by 15-20. Would a better GPU or raising my cpu by 0.2 Ghz make a big difference?
Better card would help for resolution, overclocking the CPU more won't. Make sure you use the D3D 10/11 renderer in GSdx.
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