Original disc or iso
Hi there, I'm new to pcsx2 and have a question regarding disc v iso.

I'm about to install a new ssd on my gaming rig. My plan was to have pcsx2 on the ssd and run either the original disc via DVD drive or make an iso and run from my secondary drive. I could run the occasional game from my ssd but I don't want to fill it with iso files. Are there likely to be any performance advantages either way or won't it make a difference. The easiest option is to use original discs as i won't have the hassle of ripping files and storing them but i ddnt mind doing it if there is an increase in performance.


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Ripping them will be better because of the decreased access times.
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Yeah, you should definitely rip them to ISOs and not play them from DVD as it could get slow with DVDs, especially if they're damaged. ISOs always work as good as new. Don't put it on your SSD though, it's not worth it, an HDD is more than enough.
Thanks for the advice.

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