Original game resolution
I'm new to playing via emulator and I was wondering is it possible to rip sprites from 2d games. Can I configure the settings so that it displays the original resolution of the game and see something like this instead of something like this? (low fps because of old machine, but for sprite ripping doesn't matter)

Also the screenshot is from the US version of "Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus", which seems pretty playable to me. Version is 0.9.6
[Image: id3copy.png]

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You Should have an option in the gsdx menu called "native resolution" that set it to the original resolution of the game Smile
The problem isn't the resolution in those images, but the fact that most 2d games on the PS2 are interlaced and end up looking like that. Best solution is to dig around the documentation and see if there is some way to change it to progressive video. Sadly, most games that are interlaced lack such an option.

Barring that, switch around different deinterlacing options in the graphics plugin till you have something that works for that game. It looks like you've already tried blend bff in that image, try a different deinterlacing filter to see if you get something better.

Once you have the interlacing issue solved, the only thing you need to get good sprite rips is native or higher resolution and make sure to turn off "filtering" as that will blur the sprites.
[Image: 2748844.png]
I actually didn't know what the interlacing did, just saw some settings. Now even if I turned it off the sprites are still kinda blurry (I tried manually resizing the window to 640x476). What is this documentation to dig around?
[Image: id3copy.png]

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