Overclocking experience on Geforce cards
recently I've tried to overclock my GT 730 1GB DDR5 , ye i know that card is not for overclocking and that stuff but i've tried it for fun to see how is going to work... and basicly on lower overclocks it ran really fine , temperatures were good and that stuff... then i made a noob move and i tried to get higher clocks from that gpu but i failed , screen was frozen, glitched etc. so i had to restart my pc , soooo i made noob move again and same stuff happend , screen was yet again glitched,frozen.... and eventually after 4 times of trying i gave up , i restored my clocks to normal speed because i was thinking i will destroy my card like this...so week later temperatures are good on my graphic card , no blue screens or stuff like that...so guys my question is "can u really damage your card if u try to overclock it to much times like i did..."
any help would be appreciated

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why did you make another thread about this, when you made a thread about the same topic only a few minutes before this?
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Keep it in one thread, refer here.

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