I have found my computer freezes up completely, no input from the mouse etc. forcing a restart. This happens when playing any ps2 games. I have checked the temp of my computer and it raises about 6 degrees when running psx2 but still never exceeds 60 so it should be fine. I have even had it freeze while it was around 49 degrees which isn't much higher then it normally runs at. It seems like a standard overheating error but that shouldn't be happening at that low of temps. Is there anytime of setting changes I can make in psx2 considering that is the only time it crashes?

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Freezes can also occur when your system isnt so stable and only show this kind of behavior when apps do a heavy use of your system, unfortunatelly I doubt there's much you can do about it unless you overclocked a bit in which case you'd have to set clocks to default and try again. There's also freezes that can be caused by drivers or other software interfeering but anyway there's nothing much you can do from pcsx2's side but stop using it I guess...
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(09-20-2009, 07:48 AM)Fourth Wrote: I have checked the temp of my computer and it raises about 6 degrees when running psx2 but still never exceeds 60 so it should be fine.

do you mean the temp of your cpu? because there are more components in your system, which could cause freezes when overheating. check especially your gpu and chipset temps, but even overheating hdds may slow down or even crash your system. speedfan and gpu-z are nice tools for that. and clean the heatsinks, coolers and fans in your system, especially the cpu and psu ones. an aging psu could also be the cause of those freezes, they all loose efficiency over the time and perhaps it's not capable of providing enough power anymore under such high workloads.
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too be honest, speedfan tends to show improper values. i runned once like 6 programs like hwmonitor,everest,realtemp,coretemp etc all showed the same value except speedfan, he showed about 6 degrees more than others
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It's 5 and only happens on some chips, you can always set the offset on it while in others you cant if they got to show the wrong ones :P
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Temperatures never the headache against heatsinks with copper heatpipes on Core2 Duo in 45nm, with or without overclocking. The key is the voltage of CPU, gradually increase voltage and tested with 3Dmark06 one time, it's capable of playing PCSX2 without crash if 3Dmark06 won't crash during its test. In this way I tested my CPU in signature to 3.8 GHz for playing PCSX2.

Now I assume you didn't overclock you CPU, power consumption of electricity is rising while playing PCSX2, cuz CPU and GPU heavily load. That implies gotta install a potent PSU in case, also the PSU gotta be adequate to your PC's maximum possible power consumption in theory, i.e. the sum of power consumptions to each hardware connected except for monitor and PSU.
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Heck, it could be conflicts between programs, it could be viruses/trojens, it could be many things.
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raise the voltages A BIT on your CPU/RAM and test it with Orthos or Prime95 to see if its stable.

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