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Ok so I've finally decided to give PCSX2 another go after quite some time(years?) and actually got my FFX workingExcl, but one thing I remember last time I used PCSX2 was when I was changing interlacing options or saving/loading/changing a state, it used to show it in the mainscreen, and now I'm just doing it blind, counting how many times I've hit f5 and such.

Is there an option to turn that overlay information on so I'm not working in dark here anymore ? Tongue

Thanks in advance!

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yes, assuming it's GSDX it's the "interlacing (F5)" option in the plugin's GUI.
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i think you're referring to this....?


the ZeroGS plugin can do that, but I'm not sure about whether GSdx can or not.
GSdx stopped having that a long time ago, maybe it will return later.
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