Overwrote Everything!!!
Sorry to start a new thread about this but I am freaking out.

So I had 9.6 installed and running great and doing a playthrough of FFXII. I saw the new releases and wanted to check them out. I knew that they probably wouldn't work but I though "why not give them a go". When I installed it would only let me choose my main harddrive and no sub-folder. I believe that the newer version of PSX2 overwrote all my old files including my saves. Is there anyway to get my memorycard files back and hopefully my settings as well.

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erm, it definitely does overwrite everything, as it will overwrite the full contents of pcsx2.app. You should have backed up pcsx2.app beforehand to keep old saves.
Gha, it didn't even ask if I wanted to overwrite anything.

Well is there anyway for me to retrieve these files?
If it has been overwritten, it's gone
save states should still be there though

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