P.E.Op.S CDVD Error Help.
Hello all...

First off my apologies if this has been covered before and/or this topic is in the wrong place.

I've got all the software set up, controller configured and can get the PS2 menu come up on screen with the two memory cards showing up with the Linuz Iso CDVD Plugin . I am trying to play Hitman Blood Money off of the disk. Now I have read that I need to use the P.E.Op.S CDVD (CDDD mod) 1.3.0 but I get the error message, "Error Opening CDVD Plugin", unfortunately I could not find a solution to this problem, so any help will be appreciated.

Captain Tinkle.

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Make sure you configured the cdvd plugin, also try Gigaherz's cdvd plugin instead of P.E.Op.S just in case.
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Yeah the Gigaherz's cdvd plugin has done the trick after I configured it.

I don't know if anyone else has the problem with the P.E.Op.S if run on Vista, that Data Execution Prevention closes PCSX2 when trying to run the game? Unfortunantly this cannot be turned off.

Just discovered Hitman: Blood Money isn't compatiable with the software! Oh well just have to play something else!

Thanks for your help anyway!
Normaly we stopped using peops now since the others have been much more updated and its much more compatible with games on the beta release etc.

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