P3 FES Some Slowdown
Was just trying to get this game running as fast as I can.

First off I guess I'll list what I'm running on..

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.53GHz (E7200)
GeForce 9800GTX+
Windows Vista

I tried running on 9.6 but there were some floor glitches, solved with the beta r1888.

I get some noticeable sound/video slow down in the classroom, and in when I was first outside of Tartarus. (only about an hour in)

I'm using GSDx 1873 SSE41 DX10, and SPU2-X plug ins.

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Are you using speed hacks? Settings? I encounter slight slow downs here when I have VU cycle stealing on but it speeds up if I turn it but with a trade off of cracking sounds.

I usually turn the VU cycle stealing on tartarus since there arent any story related stuff and then when the voices are cracking I slide it 2 bars so the sound would sync in though slow video.
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Posted my settings. I don't have any speed hacks on at the moment. Turned on VU Clip hack under game fixes.

Edit: Checked again on slowdowns. It does seem to be with lots of models on screen. Entered the auditorium, and FPS dropped by 10. Sound slows down slightly.

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Not much you can do really, those parts are slow. Try enabling the x1.5/x2 cycle rate and the INTC speedhacks but they may not be much of a speedup either.
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