PAL (E) games compatibility problems
I live in Poland and all of my old PS2 games are in PAL version and many of them have big problems with running. I checked the compatiility page and found only several PAL games on list. Its possible to help with compatibility section?

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One of this games was ACE COMBAT 4: Distant Thunder. This is an european version of AC4: Shattered Skies. Game was unplayable with ANY Gs plugin configurations. Grapics in game was corrupted (no sky, textures looks like blended, HUD was missing but only on hardware rendering) and game crashed in campaign opening FMV.
Most games works fine in the emulator does not matter if PAL or NTSC. Some may have scaling issues like vertical lines in some videos, but normally can be corrected using adequate resolution (for example most the ones I saw reports about get that fixed using 1080x1080 1x).

So the reasons for the issues and problems may be totally unrelated with them being PAL. Your question is too broad and I can't see how someone here can help with it.

Try actually playing a game and let us know your machine specs, the emulator version and configuration. The specific issue, and maybe we can help then.

PS: although we posted together, nothing can be done yet until we know your machine capacity and actual emulator's configuration. Screenshots will help alot, for sure.
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My specs:
AMD phenom II x2 3,2 Ghz
Gigabyte Radeon HD 5770 1Gb
Corsair DDR3 2x2Gb cl13
AMD chipset based motherboard
FFX works really fine, fps 48,9-51,2 only animation of Ifrit overdrive lower fps to28,3 in AAx16
I used PCSX2 v 0.9.7
Other options in configuration are standard. I using Gsdx10
I thik PAL version can be problem Because in compatibity section I saw that the different versions of one game have different status. Tomorrow I try Killzone.
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Gsdx10 suggests you are using outdated version. Try the latest beta (0.9.7) found from the home page. I'm sure that will help. Some games will need speed hacks, some more than others. Again, most games PAL or NTSC run fine although some may present some glitches it's more an exception than a rule. The better is treating one case at a time instead trying to solve generic issues that may not even exist.
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Ups! Stupid mistake... I`m using Gsdx 3068 in DX10\11 hardware mode

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