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I'm new here and here is my question.
Is there a big difference between PAL and NTSC when it comes to compatibility with PCSX2?

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Usually NTSC games work better but in general no, there is no big difference
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Ok, Thank you very much for the fast reply.
The only diff is the 60 FPS Standard in NTSC & 50 FPS Standard in PAL
i usually use PAL cuz less fps need to be emulated Laugh
I'm inactive on this, dedicating most of my time to osu!
PAL and NTSC are some kind of standards for TV (not sure which) PAL televisions are usualy used in Europe and NTSC in USA.I prefer when buying games for PS2 to check that they are PAL because I am from Europe.But if you have NTSC it diffrence is irelevant. Smile

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